Robert Perry Interview on ACIM Gather – Friday, December 9, 8pm ET

This Friday Robert Perry will be interviewed by Rev. Tony Ponticello on his ACIM Gather program named “The Bridge to Heaven.” Rev. Tony will be asking Robert about the new edition of ACIM that he and his team at The Circle of Atonement are about to release. During this program there will be time for Robert to answer questions from the listeners. This new edit was taken from a new transcription of Helen Schucman’s “Shorthand” Notes. Robert and his team have been working on this for over 8 years.

PalTalk is a FREE audio chat application, like an interactive internet “radio.” If you do not have PalTalk installed here are instructions:

Go to and click “Get Paltalk” button to download the program. Follow prompts to sign-up and install PalTalk (it will ask you for a nickname, password and email address).

After installation, open the PalTalk program and log in. In upper right corner, is an option to “search room.” Enter “ACIM Gather” in that box and click on the magnifying glass icon. Click on “ACIM Gather for A Course in Miracles” that comes up in search results and you will be brought into the room.

Then make sure to login this Friday at 5 p.m. and click on the ACIM Gather room.
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2 thoughts on “Robert Perry Interview on ACIM Gather – Friday, December 9, 8pm ET”

  1. thanks 🙂 … ONEmind aka David Fishmen, via CMC sent me a copy that arrived weeks ago but i just now saw this video … i have several editions of ACIM … including 1st and 3rd combined FIP, Urtext, and “Sparkly” … I took shorthand many many years ago and would love to have copy of shorthand notes as well … at least the ones that weren’t specifically for Helen’s personal questions … just the ones that had to do with what to leave in ACIM … P.S. somewhere along the way, when personal computers and internet were just starting to become available, I used to use daily … it was easy to navigate, it was free, and had commentaries by Robert Perry


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