ACIMGather Radio


ACIM Gather for A Course in Miracles is a joint venture of The One Mind Foundation and The Community Miracles Center.

Listen to ACIM Gather for a Course in Miracles on Internet radio. This page is intended for use on a Mac or Windows desktop or laptop – with a common browser like Explorer, Chrome, or Firefox.  Simply click the link and a window will pop up – click  ‘Play’ – Listen and enjoy!


NOTE: This page is not intended for mobile device use.  Users may have mixed results.   Also for desktop and laptop users, you may try directly, and search for room ‘ACIM Gather’.

~ For Mobile Devices ~

For Apple iPhone users – We recommend you listen to our streaming internet radio station on the Shoutcast application named “SHOUTCast” available from the app store. Once its’ installed, search for a station named “ACIM Gather”

For Android users – The app XiiaLive has been tested and just needs to have the Radio Directories listings switched to Shoutcast. Once the Radio Directories listings are switched to Shoutcast, search for a station named “ACIM Gather”

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