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I am a teacher of A Course in Miracles. I am also a Deeksha Giver (the Oneness Blessing) The focus of my ministry is Oneness and Unification.

Coming this Weekend at ACIM Gather

Festive Friday – 9/9/16

Friday Evenings are exciting and fun in ACIM Gather

GatherJPEG_v2 Festive Friday is a tradition started by David Hoffmeister several years ago.  It is a way of celebrating our connection in music and fun.   A variety of people have hosted and co-hosted Festive Friday over the years and it continues with a great line-up.


7:00 – 8:00pm

Rev. Jean Westonjean-weston

Rev Jean speaks from her understanding through her extensive studies with Dr. Kenneth Wapnick – Jean speaks about how it is reflected through her own light Rev. Jean Weston has studied ACIM since 2002, receiving her O.M.C. from Pathways of Light Spiritual College in 2007. She also spent a full year in Temecula, California studying with Dr. Kenneth Wapnick. She has been a teacher on ACIM Gather since 2006 and is live on Friday evenings at 7:00 ET.

8:00 – 9:00pm

Jennifer Mailejen Nahulu

is a student and teacher of A Course In Miracles. She was given ACIM in 2009 and studied alone until she began teaching it 2 years later when she found ACIM Gather radio. Some of her influences include Alan Watts, Byron Katie, Tool, Abraham, Terrence McKenna and Michael Tsarion. Music is her motivation. Maile has a Science Degree, attended Metro for Communication/Graphic Design and is a certified Reiki master. She is also a talented artist and graphic designer.

9:00 – 10:00pm

Cliff Donovan CliffDonovan

Cliff is a handyman and a general contractor with a thing for estate sales, collecting “stuff” and keeping fit.  Cliff’s quirky humor and gentle demeanor is a sweet combination.  Cliff is a Spiritualist a Toastmaster, a Zumbaholic and a wise and funny Teacher of god.


10:00 – ???

RubyLeeRuby Lee

Ruby’s nic in the room is loves_to_laugh – she says, “I love laughter, spontaneity and freedom. I am student of A Course in Miracles, and admire the work of Eckhart Tolle. I love movement and music; children, and stillness. Life is sacred. I do my best to honor all of it. ” Ruby runs the ACIM Lounge

Saturday Evening in ACIM Gather

Saturday is a celebration of us – our members and friends join us for some special programs.  This Saturday evening join us for:

7:00 – 8:00pm

Regis Reevestime-lapse

Morning Glory Recap – Regis does an early morning program called Morning Glory.  Morning Glory is a smart and  unique combination of music and great spiritual teachings at 5:30am ET.  Fortunately for us – Regis does a clever recap of the early morning shows for us on Saturday evening.

8:00 – 9:00pm

jimwhite1Jim White

Jim White – Love Communications Ministries  – ” I began studying ACIM in 2001 and I’ve been an ardent student ever since. ACIM has shown me a totally different way of thinking about and dealing with life that really works. And, the way it teaches and talks about God has allowed me to more powerfully experience God’s presence, power and guidance in my life on a daily basis. Like thousands of other ACIM students around the world, the “Course” has shown me the “for-real”, “without a doubt” reality of God, and how this simple “knowing” is able to serve me in all ways and at all times.  As a result of my enthusiasm for ACIM, I established and became President of Love Communications in 2005. Jim has been a long time teacher here on ACIM GAther.

9:00 – 10:00pm 


Our Special Guest this week is Alan Cohen, M.A.. Alan is the author of 23 popular inspirational books, including the best-selling The Dragon Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, the award-winning A Deep Breath of Life, and the classic Are You as Happy as Your Dog? He is a contributing writer for the New York Times #1 bestselling series Chicken Soup for the Soul,and his books have been translated into 24 foreign languages. His work has been featured on Oprah.comand in USA Today, the Washington Post, and 101 Top Experts. Alan’s radio program Get Real is broadcast weekly on Hay House Radio, and his monthly column From the Heart is featured in magazines internationally. Website:

Alan’s new book “A Course in Miracles Made Easy: Mastering the Journey from Fear to Love” is available on

David (Dov) Fishman is now offering private counseling

Dov3I am available to anyone who chooses to find the way to Peace & Self Worth, ….to remember Truth of What You Are…

Please inbox me on FB..and lets talk..


David Fishman is a beloved teacher and mentor. He is the founder of the One Mind Foundation and for many years he operated ACIM Gather for a Course in Miracles. Started in 2004, ACIM Gather has served as an online boot-camp for dozens of ACIM student/teachers over the years to develop trust in their Inner Guidance, Higher Self.

Dov’s knowledge and understanding of the principles of A Course in Miracles is legendary. He is indeed a true Teacher of Teachers.

Re-Opening ACIM Gather on

David Fishman, Co-Founder with Linda Card,  of ONE MIND Foundation and ACIM Gather, is happy to announce it is re-opening ACIM Gather on

Started in 2004, ACIM Gather has served as an online boot-camp for dozens of ACIM student/teachers over the years to develop trust in their Inner Guidance, Higher Self.

As ACIM lesson 154 & 155 says, “I am among the ministers of God” & “Let me step back and let Him lead the way”, ACIM Gather has provided the space, opening & opportunity for all who hear the Call, to respond. All who commit to this practice have recognized the fruits of their willingness.

Over the years, some of the leading teachers worldwide, have gotten their start at ACIM Gather, while many have found it a haven for recognizing they are cause in their own healing.

After a few years of name change to “Awakening Together”,  where the curriculum and purpose of the online room was slightly changed, ACIM Gather will reopen on September 1, with a 7 day schedule.

See our website for daily hours.

  • Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday, open from 6am to 7pm ET
  • Friday & Saturday All day & Evening, 6am to 12 midnight & beyond. 
  • Wednesdays 6 to 11:30am ET
  • Sundays open 6 til 9:30am when Awakening Together starts their regular Sunday Morning Service.

All interested in taking their place among the teachers, which is the universal call to all, please contact me, David Fishman, 914 969 3393, or inbox me on Facebook. is email. ACIM Gather also serves as a place to listen to our brothers & sisters who have chosen to share their message. This listening is an excellent way to hear the core course themes, values & teachings. All are invited.

We are happy to have Lyn Johnson, previously Moderator & Director of Awakening Ted PoppeTogether Sanctuary remains in her same helpful position serving all at ACIM Gather for A Course In Miracles on, in the Education Section, sub-section “Other”. Lyn can be reached at and invites all who have interest in ACIM Gather to communicate with her. Ted Poppe Jr. publisher of the Sparkle Edition of ACIM, Joyns us as one of the Presenters of ACIM.

We will be on the air with ACIM Gather’s online radio station. A link to it will be provided when it starts

One Mind Foundation, a worldwide ministry, with a mission to empower all to empower themselves, to recognize we are all included equally in the One Mind of God. Love makes no exception. Inclusion & Equality is our mission & purpose. Oneness is our experience.
Peace which is the goal of the course, has one requirement, Equality.

Jon MundyOne Mind Foundation, founded in 2008, is happy to announce its Joyning with Jon Mundy and Miracles Magazine. We are Guided by Spirit and see this new venture will be helpful to all who share God’s Plan for Salvation, there is no other plan. Only Holy Spirit knows what the future holds, yet we are certain and accept, it is gently planned by One Whose only purpose is our good. ~ ACIM lesson 135.18

In Appreciation Always
David Fishman

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